about us

One Film Company is a diversified audio-visual production company. We have been in the business of designing and creating content for live events. Over the years we have specialized in developing content for 3d video mapping, Interactive films, 360 degree projections, 270 degree projections, panaromic 90 degree projections, dome projections, 3d holographic projections, corporate films and documentaries. Our endeavor has been to seamlessly merge great ideas with technology to leave a lasting impression.

One Film Company was started in 2003 by Nitin Chowdhry, who is the Founder and its Creative Head. Since the day of its inception the company has been creating remarkable landmarks in the industry for a wide variety of audiences. We have state of the art in house post-production facilities, which help us to produce the most complicated content in the business. Over the years, our productions have won the coveted EEMAX, WOW awards in significant categories. We have successfully partnered with various event companies and corporate houses to create content for product launches, dealer and employee conferences, logo reveal and exhibitions.

We are fanatic about sculpting every film as a masterpiece, an obsession that has been a delight for our customers. We take great pride in the pursuit of excellence, the attention we are able to give our clients and our close knit work culture. We have deeply focused in delivering 'impact' through our content. We use creativity to strengthen the message of the film, while giving it a soul.